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Forklift Pre-Start Checklist Book


This resources includes;

  • Easy to fill out, saving time during daily inspections
  • Pages in triplicate to provide multiple copies for record-keeping
  • Compact A5 size for convenience and portability
  • Covers 12 months with 7 days per page for continuous use

James Tenant



Regular maintenance is an important part of maintaining any machinery, especially when it’s used for heavy duty applications on a daily basis. It’s critical to check not just the obvious areas like the tyre pressure and the fork/mast condition, but also the brakes, backup alarm, horn, lights, lift and lower, and more. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a step by step checklist stored in a safe place, alongside your forklift safety guide.

Our forklift pre-start checklist books are ideally suited to help maintain your forklift and improve safety

Our Forklift Daily Inspection Checklist books are a great way to ensure your workplace machinery is being maintained and are safe to use. They should take a matter of minutes to fill out, as items are organised strategically for efficient checking. One forklift checklist book will last you 12 months! It also features columns for day, afternoon and night shifts. Use it alongside a forklift safety guide, as a way to check off the critical items that have been taught during certification training.

Why a safety guide and a pre-start checklist are critical for those operating a forklift

Whilst a checklist is important to ensure the safety of your machinery, it will also allow you to identify potential problems before they become worse. Noticing damage or a malfunctioning component will grant you the foresight to conduct the necessary repairs early, rather than waiting and allowing the problem to get worse.

Elements Covered

  • Convenient and accessible preparation for the forklift licence test
  • Ensures thorough coverage of all test elements to increase chances of success
  • Immediate feedback helps in understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps build confidence by providing a good indication of readiness for the assessment

Ideal For

Industry Workers, RTO Students, RTO Trainers, Safety Managers

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