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About Us

Simplifying Complex Training with Visual Learning

Easy Guides was Found in 1996 with a Target to Empower Safety in Workplaces Through Education

"When James Tennant taught factory workers how to read and speak English, he noticed a problem. There were no easy-to-read training books to help workers get their licenses for forklifts, dogging, rigging, scaffolding, and cranes. So James founded Easy Guides in 1996."

Welcome to Easy Guides Australia, a pioneer in the development of intuitive, picture-based training materials designed specifically for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and individuals pursuing high-risk work licenses and industrial qualifications across Australia. From our humble beginnings in a small home office, Easy Guides has expanded to become a leading force in the educational sector, committed to enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of occupational training.

Our Mission: Our mission at Easy Guides is to simplify complex training processes through the power of visual learning. We believe that clarity in communication is key to effective learning and safety in the workplace. By integrating clear, concise visuals and plain English into all our materials, we ensure that every learner grasps the essential knowledge and skills needed to operate machinery safely and meet compliance standards under the WHS/OHS Act.

Our Products: Easy Guides Australia specializes in a wide range of training resources, including:

  • Learner Guides: Detailed manuals filled with informative graphics to aid in the understanding of crucial procedures and safety measures.
  • Trainer’s Resources: Comprehensive tools designed to assist trainers in delivering effective and engaging sessions.
  • Multimedia Presentations and PowerPoint Slides: Dynamic visual aids that complement training sessions and enhance learner retention.
  • Duty of Care Training Materials: Essential resources for workplaces where formal qualifications are not mandatory but safety training is crucial.

Our Expertise: Our founder, James, who holds a Master of Arts with a focus on readability studies, has been instrumental in shaping the approach of Easy Guides. His expertise ensures that all our materials are not only educational but also easy to read and understand. This dedication to simplicity and effectiveness has allowed us to create resources that cater specifically to the needs of our main clients—RTOs helping students achieve qualifications in high-risk industries.

Why Choose Us? As industry leaders, we are trusted by numerous RTOs, industry bodies, and government agencies across Australia. Our tools are proven to improve understanding and retention of complex information, ensuring compliance and reducing workplace risks.

Connect with Us: Join the many trainers, students, and professionals who have benefited from our expertly crafted educational tools. At Easy Guides Australia, we are dedicated to your success and safety. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can assist you in achieving excellence in training and compliance. For enquiries, please [Contact Us] or follow us on [Social Media Handles].

At Easy Guides Australia, we are more than just a training material provider; we are your partner in fostering a safer and more competent workforce.