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First Aid Emergency Handbook


This resources includes;

  • Tabbed pages allow you to find each section quickly
  • Binding to make sure pages stay open and in place
  • Heavy paper that will not damage easily
  • Easy to follow steps
  • A magnet to hang it from a fridge or first-aid cabinet
  • Free iphone app download

James Tenant



The First Aid Emergency Handbook provides a quick summary of first aid for a wide range of every day emergencies whether at work, in sport or recreation, or at home.
This first aid book is perfect for anyone needing a guide to first aid in the workplace. It shows you what to do in a range of emergencies, and is organised into the following easy to find tabulated chapters: * Adult resuscitation/Defibrillation * Baby resuscitation * Special resuscitation * CPR chart * Abdominal/Asthma * Allergic reaction * Bites and stings * Bleeding * Burns and scalds * Chest injuries * Childbirth/Miscarriage * Choking * Cold illness * Convulsions * Croup/Diabetes * Drug/Alcohol overdose * Eye injuries * Fractures/Dislocations * Head injuries * Heart conditions * Heat/Hyperventilation * Mouth/Tooth injuries * Poisoning * Shock/Fainting * Spinal injuries * Sprains/Strains/Bruises * Stroke * Skills and procedures

Elements Covered

  • Convenient and accessible preparation for the forklift licence test
  • Ensures thorough coverage of all test elements to increase chances of success
  • Immediate feedback helps in understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps build confidence by providing a good indication of readiness for the assessment

Ideal For

Industry Workers, RTO Students, RTO Trainers, Safety Managers

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