Audit Guarantee: We will fix any gaps for FREE found in our training materials during a government audit.

RIIWHS201E Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures – TRAINER VALUE PACK


This resources includes;

  • Editable and printable materials: Delivered via Dropbox for easy customization and printing.
  • Comprehensive training package: Includes Learner Guide, Logbook, PowerPoint Presentation, Learner Workbook, and Trainer's Marking Guide.
  • Practical training tasks: Provides hands-on activities to reinforce learning.
  • Mapping of materials: Ensures alignment with the unit of competency for thorough and relevant training.

James Tenant



Trainer Value Packs give you fully mapped training materials to get the unit on your RTO’s scope. VALUE – The individual items are priced at $1450. Save $470 when you buy the Trainer Value Pack. DELIVERED VIA DROPBOX – Editable and printable


  • Learner Guide
  • Logbook for on-the-job training
  • PowerPoint Prensentation
  • Learner Workbook
  • Trainer’s Marking Guide
  • Course documentation
  • Workplace forms and documents
  • Practical training tasks
  • Assessment instrument
  • Mapping of materials to unit of competency
  • Training materials audit guarantee
  • [Note: Materials may be reproduced by the purchaser.]
  The Trainer’s Value Pack gives you fully mapped training materials to get the unit on your RTO’s scope. These materials can be used by RTO’s to deliver formal qualifications, or by a company to meet their duty of care responsibilities under the WHS Act. Companies can use these materials to train staff, do refresher training or for verification of competency (VOC).

Elements Covered

  • Convenient and accessible preparation for the forklift licence test
  • Ensures thorough coverage of all test elements to increase chances of success
  • Immediate feedback helps in understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps build confidence by providing a good indication of readiness for the assessment

Ideal For

RTO Trainers

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