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HARD COPY POSTER – Don’t Turn With a Raised Load


This resources includes;

  • Bright, full-color design
  • High-resolution print quality
  • Available as part of a collection of over 100 workplace health and safety posters
  • Suitable for training in operating forklifts
  • Identified by poster code: FOR-014

James Tenant



This poster tells you not to turn a forklift with a raised load. The forklift could tip over. You should never travel with a load in the air. You can raise a load when placing the load into a rack.

Elements Covered

  • Convenient and accessible preparation for the forklift licence test
  • Ensures thorough coverage of all test elements to increase chances of success
  • Immediate feedback helps in understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps build confidence by providing a good indication of readiness for the assessment

Ideal For

RTO Trainers, Safety Managers

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