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PDF – Keeping our stormwater clean: A guide for building sites – PRINT AS MANY COPIES AS YOU LIKE


This resources includes;

  • Simple and Practical Ideas: Offers straightforward methods to prevent stormwater pollution.
  • Compliance Guidance: Helps builders comply with local Council and State regulations regarding stormwater systems.
  • Printable PDF: Allows you to print as many copies as needed.
  • Handy for Building Industry Professionals: Specifically designed for those working in the building industry.

James Tenant



This booklet has two aims: 1. To provide simple and practical ideas to reduce the chance of polluting the stormwater system. A handy guide for all who work in the building industry 2. To help builders comply with Council and State regulations in regard to the stormwater system. Always check with the local council about the local regulations 3. PDF – . You can print as many copies as you want.  

Elements Covered

  • Convenient and accessible preparation for the forklift licence test
  • Ensures thorough coverage of all test elements to increase chances of success
  • Immediate feedback helps in understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps build confidence by providing a good indication of readiness for the assessment

Ideal For

Safety Managers

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